Visa/Border Run 101

what’s the big difference in your case though? even with the Visa free 90 days you would have to re-enter after 90 days. is it just the visa fine and the application hassle?
i overstayed too and now i am wondering how to re-enter.

Has anyone ever done a Manila stay inside the airport without going through immigration run?
I know of one Nicaraguan who was detained for 48 hours there doing a run from Taiwan. He went through immigration. They wanted to know why he was doing the run and what he was doing here etc…

There are 4 distinct separated terminals in Manila. I’ve flown to/from many times but only transited to local flights so not sure how transit would work. I’m not even sure staying inside immigration is possible at all the terminals.

There might be a security check between International arrivals and departures. Where to get boarding pass for return flight?

Maybe the Nicuraguan was detained going through immgration as his only option to reach another flight.

I am imagining a HK scenario where you fly in, go to an airline desk, get your boarding pass (until recently you could get your HK boarding pass in Taipei - now only Taiwanese can do it) and wait in the same terminal for the return flight without having to pass through immigration.

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It’s a 30-minute ride downtown so that would add an extra hour or two to his trip which can be avoided. Taiwan doesn’t care whether he enters another country. They only care that he exited Taiwan, which will be recorded at Immigration when he leaves the airport in Taiwan. If there were a way to exit immigration in Taiwan and sneak through the restricted areas and into the arrivals level and re-enter Taiwan right away, that would work too.

Yeah, right.

Since we’re talking about this again…

Fify. :slightly_smiling_face:

For those who are transitioning to a resident visa with a work permit, is it true that there’s no need for a visa run if you apply to it before your visitor’s visa (or visa free 90 days) expires?

basically true.

  1. Applicants who enter the R.O.C. (Taiwan) on a non-extendable Visitor Visa for the purposes of employment, investment, business or tourism may apply for a Resident Visa 8 work days before the duration of stay expires. The applicants may apply, without having to leave Taiwan, to the Bureau of Consular Affairs or any of its Central, Southwestern, Southern, or Eastern Taiwan Offices.
  1. Applicants who enter the R.O.C. (Taiwan) without a visa and have obtained a work permit issued by competent authorities of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) may apply to the Bureau of Consular Affairs or any of its Central, Southwestern, Southern, or Eastern Taiwan Offices for an extendable Visitor Visa. Subsequently and with the extendable Visitor Visa, the applicants must apply to the National Immigration Agency for an Alien Resident Certificate.
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Ok thanks!