Visa Change: From Work to Student Visa

I need to change my visa from a work visa to a student visa. My university told me that I have to leave the country to do so, is the correct or is it possible to change my visa while staying in Taiwan?

Moronic but true. You need to leave the country.

Hold it there! I just went through a similar ordeal. I’m not sure if it only applies to degree-seeking students, but I changed from work visa to student visa less than a month ago, all without setting foot outside of Taiwan. I DID have to get a new medical checkup, including…a stool sample. The form they specifically asked for was 乙表 for the checkup.
It can be done folks! FYI, I’m in Taichung, so maybe the MoFA here is more lenient.
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There have been many changes to immigration law this year. Don’t take what your uni says as fact.

Contact the Information for Foreigners hotline [Great service! Free!] and see what they say:
0800 024 111

Don’t take what they say as fact either.

Finally call BOCA-MOFA (Taipei) and see what they say. The phone number below connects you directly to the BOCA staff who actually serve the public and change details in passports. In the end, it is what they say that matters. I would suggest that you have a Taiwanese friend do the talking.
Ms Hsieh [Counter 31]: 02 2343 2866

With a wave of her pen, Ms Hsieh erased an 80 day overstay…Thank you Ms Hsieh!

Beef Eater,
Thanks for the info.