Visa-exempt 90 day stay expiring, Can I get a 90 day extension in Taiwan

My 90 day visa-exempt stay is running out. Can I get a 90 extension to this through the Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Consular Affairs

No. But you can leave the country and get a new one when you get back in.

I was under the impression that UK and Canadian citizens can apply to BOCA for one 90 day extension to their original exemption, is that no longer the case? As long as they’re able to show proof of funds and provide a statement giving a reason for the extra 90 days.

One of the restrictions is (was?) that you didn’t plan to stay in Taiwan for longer than those total 6 months this year. May of course be easier just to do a quick visa run.


Thank you both for your responses.

Here it is from the horses mouth.

Notice for British & Canadian Passport Holders Who Enter Taiwan Visa-Free and Apply for an Extension of Stay

  1. Relevant applicants: British & Canadian passport holders who enter Taiwan for non-employment or non-residency purposes. Those who enter Taiwan for the following purposes are ineligible for an extension:
    1.1 Those studying at an institution that has not received permission by the Ministry of Education to admit students from overseas;
    1.2 Those engaging in an internship or volunteer work at a place that has not been granted permission by the pertinent governing agency of the central government;
    1.3 Those planning to stay in Taiwan for more than 6 months.
  2. Required documents: (The documents listed in 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are mandatory for all applicants. The other documents may be required depending on the purpose of the applicant’s stay.)
    2.1 A completed visa application form and two 2"x2" color passport photos taken within the last six months;
    2.2 A British or Canadian passport valid for at least three months;
    2.3 Extension purpose statement;
    2.4 Bank statement;
    2.5 Documentation on the relations between the applicants and his/her 2 relatives; 2.6 Medical documentation detailing the need for the extension;
    2.7 Documentation from the applicant’s school, including attendance records and transcripts;
    2.8 Any other documentation requested by the Bureau of Consular Affairs.
  3. Method and locations for filing an extension: Applicants must apply for an extension within 30 days(5 working days prior to the 30 days) prior to the expiration of their current 90-day free-visa entry at one of the following locations: (No fee will be assessed.)
    3.1 Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Address: 3rd Fl., 2-2 Ji-nan
    1, Taipei City Tel: (02) 2343-2866; (02) 2343-2867
    3.2 Central Taiwan Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Address: 1st Fl., No. 503, Sec. 2,
    Li-ming Rd., Taichung City Tel: (04) 2251-0799
    3.3 Southwestern Taiwan Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Address: 2 Fl, No.184,
    Wufeng North Rd, Chiayi city Tel: (05) 225-1567
    3.4 Southern Taiwan Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Address: 2Fl., No. 436,
    Cheng-gong 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City Tel: (07) 211-0605
    3.5 Eastern Taiwan Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Address: 6Fl., No. 371,
    Zhong-shan Rd., Hualien City 3 Tel: (03) 833-1041
  4. Category of Visa Issued:
    4.1 Category of Visa: Visitor Visa
    4.2 Duration of Stay: 180 days (The first 90-day visa-free stay can be extended once
    for an additional 90 days starting from the day following the date of arrival). A second extension or a change in purpose of stay shall not be approved.
  5. Please note: Under the following circumstances, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may deny the extension or grant a stay of less than 180 days:
    5.1 The applicant cannot cover his/her expenses for the duration of the stay.
    5.2 The applicant’s purpose of stay remains unclear from an objective standpoint. For
    instance, in the past year, the applicant has already stayed in Taiwan for more than 6 months.

Visa run: Any advice? to be the cheapest? Is the purpose of the exercise just to get the ‘exit” from Taiwan noted by Taiwan immigration or, in addition, is it to show that you have been out of Taiwan for a minimum period, say 24 hours, 48 hours or whatever.?

Curious about this too…

No minimum period. You can fly to Hong Kong, and return the same day.

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You can’t show if you go to HK, they don’t stamp, but you have a boarding pass. The transit zone is technically not Taiwan, so. You could buy a ticket and print out boarding passes, than stay in the transit zone and return to immigration later that day.

But they give you a little paper thingy, don’t they?

Here’s what we’ve learned since posting the question earlier this year.

  1. Taiwan has exit-control so you leave Taiwan before you overstay your (visa-exempt/Canadian) authorized residency period (90 days/Canadian).

  2. You re-enter Taiwan, which triggers another 90 visa-exempt period, and so on. In the case of Macau you may be able to do the return trip on the same plane - staying only about 3 hours.

Don’t need any paper or stamp from the place visited on a “visa run”. Taiwan knows you’ve left, and knows you’ve returned, triggering another 90 day visa-exempt residency over again.

Looked at the visa application form; very onerous in terms of the questions asked, especially historical family stuff.

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Next time you fly in to Taiwan ask a few!

And HK

And HK? ( you’re asking a question, right?)

Same thing as for Macau.

Macau return fare was cheaper than HK.

Could go to London, or the moon and back.

It’s the leaving and re entering of Taiwan that’s important, not where the “visa run” is to, and not overstaying any 90 day period.

Not asking, just saying!

I meant entering HK.

What’s the going rate for a quick cruise these days

how much us adequate for proof of funds?

can this be done inexhaustibly? why bother applying for an extension?

$1000USD or $28,000 TWD per 30 days. should be enough. Rough guess based off $4000 AUD being requirement for a Working Holiday Visa applicant from Australia can support themselves for the first 3 months in Taiwan.

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