Visa Exempt Entry--visa required for subsequent destination?

I’m going to Taiwan as a U.S. citizen via visa-exempt entry. One of the requirements is a confirmed ticket and visa for the subsequent destination. I intend to book a flight to Japan for this purpose, but I don’t need a visa for Japan either. Will the airport/airline officials be flexible enough to recognize this, and allow me to enter with just an onwards ticket?

On arriving in Taiwan, or more so when you check in to fly to Taiwan, they will only be concerned about your ticket out of Taiwan.
They won’t care about any forward visas in other countries.

Excellent. Thanks for your help!

Agreed. I have had airlines (not immigration) ask about onward tickets when using visas or visa exempt but I have never had them ask or look for a visa for the next country.

From my experience they won’t even check if you’ve actually got a reservation on that return flight. I’m not suggesting anything, but a little bit of photoshop can go a long way :wink: