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my name is Niccolò and I’m an italian actually living in Taipei. I have a very noob question and sorry in advance for it if it’s too banal.

Give my nationality I can have 90days no visa tourist entrance. My questions are:

  1. Where in Taipei I can extend the 90days up to 180days (tourist)?
  2. Is there a maximum number of days per year you can stay in Taiwan as a tourist in my case?
    I mean let’s suppose I get an extension up to 180days, can I than exit the country, come back with a
    90days visa exempt and ask for other 90days? (making it than basically an year).

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Google is your friend:

address at the bottom. walk on in there, they won’t bite. Even have a help desk run by friendly older volunteers who can speak decent english. Have 800 phone # for foreigners.
Or take MRT and get off at the XiaoNanMen station.


You cannot extend a visa exemption. You have to leave the country within 90 days. You can then come back and get another 90 days visa exemption.
See Item 3 in Paragraph IV, Notes:
If you want a visa you can extend, apply for a tourist visa next time you leave the country and come back in on that.


Isn’t there some special trick for someone in Taiwan on visa exempt status to obtain a visitor’s visa? The procedure is on the forums here somewhere, buggered if I can find it.


If you’re a “white collar worker” the procedure to obtain an ARC includes going from Visa Exempt-to-Visitor Visa-to-Resident Visa without leaving the country. Is this what you’re thinking of? It seems this doesn’t apply to the OP unless he’s planning on working in Taiwan.


Yes that would be what I’m thinking of. I was thinking OP could go from Visa Exempt to Visitor Visa and then try to apply to extend that Visitor Visa.


Nah, can’t be done unless you have a work permit and will be applying for an ARC. Even then the visa conversion is solely to allow you to get the ARC. That visa has no real standalone status, its just to allow people to start in a job and not have to leave the country as used to be the case.


BOCA can issue a visitor visa when you have a visa exemption, thus extending your stay, if you give them an acceptable (to them) reason.


Brits and Canadians are the only nationalities that can get their visa-exempt stay extended to 180 days. There’s other conditions attached to that too.