Visa Exempt...?

My friend wants to come on the visa exempt status (from the US)

He doesnt want to (understandably) pay the $100-140USD visa visiting fee but hes planning on staying for about for about 6 weeks and the visa exampt for US citizens is only 30.

Can he land as visa exempt and then do a visa run to renew the exempt?
Or does he have to return and pay for the visitor visa?

We’re confused :ponder:

Hopefully the USA grants Visa Exempt 90 days to Taiwanese and Taiwan will reciprocate with 90 day Visa Exempt (up from current 30 day) for US citizens soon ! Because many people already get 90 day Visa Exempt.

Visa Exempt means exactly that. NO need for a visa to enter. However, there are some conditions. One being that your passport MUST have more then six months validity on it still at the time of entering. The other being that you have a ticket out of Taiwan. The ticket out of Taiwan thing is normally enforced by the airline when you check in rather then by Immigration at arrival in Taiwan.

So you come into Taiwan and stay (absolutely not one day over ) 30 days and then you fly out anywhere. You can then fly right back in, even the same day and get another 30 days. The clock is reset fully. And Taiwan does not limit how many times a year you can do this. Only that you should file with the tax office an income tax exempt status if you stayed more then 183 days in the same calendar year. This is a bit of a catch 22. Because if you reported any income, that income is probably illegal and could get you into trouble. And this requirement is not actually enforced unless you overstayed your visa and was required to be grilled over by the tax office for possible income tax evasion ( if that happens… they may charge you an arbitrary income tax at their discretion). You must take absolute care to NOT overstay your visa for whatever the reason. Even a storm closing the airport is your problem. If you fall ill and are in the hospital. That may get you a pass but… IF you do overstay you may have to pay a fine (or even get 2 months detention at their discretion) and you may be banned from re-entering for at least a year. Very serious stuff.

So count your days very carefully and plan on getting out about 4 days before D day (departure day) to be safe.