Visa expiry date and flight cancellation procedure question

I was asked a question today (usually a foreigner or two approaches me as I know most of the rules regarding visa issues thanks to forumosa), but I was unable to answer as I didn’t have a clue what the protocol was.

Never seen anything here on it either.

I need to do a visa run on Friday. My ‘landing visa’ expires that day.
What happens if the coming Typhoon results in flight cancellations and my flight is canceled because of this?
Do I turn up at the airport and try and check-in?
What happens with the overstay issue due to still being in Taiwan after the visa has officially expired?
Do people have to hang around the airport and wait til they can fly out?

I couldn’t help him.
I assumed that immigration would not class it as an overstay…

Any answers?


No answer, but a suggestion: Never wait until the last possible minute. Too many things can screw up air travel.

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