Visa Extension via the Star Cruise

I did my visa extension via the Star Cruise one night boat cruise. They also have cruises to Okinawa. I just wanted to let everyone know it was a good experience. I got there an hour late and they still let me check in and board. Thankfully the customs guy hadn’t left.

The ride is nice, cabins are okay. It seems like it’s for two types of people: those who want to gamble, or have fun with their mistress, or a little from column a, a little from column b.

The price 8400 for two, or 6400 for one. That’s the one night cruise. Food is free in the cafeteria (modest) and there’s a few places where you can eat stuff…actually modestly priced beer/drinks/food, considering…
60NT for a beer (special)
90NT for ice cream
120NT for congee
180NT for chicken wings and french fries.

The breakfast this morning even had a “mexican” mariachi (sp?) band. They played all of mexico’s greatest hits … the Eagles “you can’t hide yourlying eyes,” “la bamba,” etc. etc.

A lot of mainlanders work on the boat, but they all speak English, which is annoying sometimes, cuz I’d rather listen to Chinese than someone’s English, especially after I’ve spoken Chinese, but whatever. It was funny to hear people say “Nar?” and chr-fan, etc. etc. just like our textbooks tell us to!

Remember, this only works if you have a multiple entry visa, which is mainly huaqiao … and me.

Repeat, you get a departure and arrival stamp, along with a new customs sheet. All legit.

I would call Star Cruises at least 2 weeks in advance … one more thing, I did this on my 50th day.