Visa For China - UK Citizen

Hi everyone,
Just wondered if anyone reading is a UK citizen who has visited mainland China recently, from Taiwan. I’m thinking of making a short trip to see the sights but I’ve heard the visa process is difficult/expensive… Is that so?
Thanks in advance for any help!

[quote=“Taiwan for Life”]Hi everyone,
Just wondered if anyone reading is a UK citizen who has visited mainland China recently, from Taiwan. I’m thinking of making a short trip to see the sights but I’ve heard the visa process is difficult/expensive… Is that so?
Thanks in advance for any help!
When I went to mainland China a month ago went to Hong Kong first (great sights there too).
Landed in HK at 10 AM, gave my passport and an application to the China Travel Service at the airport (who were not the least service minded, but my “only alternative” as I needed the VISA a few days later for an already booked trip).
Got the VISA next day at 5 PM in central HK.
Cost me about 1000 HKD though… but it was worth it =P
(Could be done faster, but at a higher cost).

Oh, and I’m a Swedish Citizen, so I guess were kinda have the same VISA regulations.

Im also going to China soon and am wondering if any Brits have arranged the visa before going and ALSO those who arranged it over there BUT not at the airport that’s way too expensive. U can get it done in another part of HK so Im asking for info on that. Below is the travel agent I use here in Taiwan…never any problems in the 10 or more yrs Ive used. Ellie is the one to ask for. Perfect english ,more polite than the English and fair price .

Apply China Visa documents:

  • passport original (valid more than 6 months)
  • 2 recent photos (same size as passport)
  • ARC both sides copy (valid for 6 months from applying date)
  • 7 work days
  • NT4,400 (British/single entry visa)

If you plan to travel to China much later, don’t apply China visa yet. Messenger can pick up your documents when you want to apply China visa.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us.
Thanks for choosing Tong Lien Travel Service Co., Ltd.

With best regards,

Tong Lien Travel Service Co., Ltd.
3F-2, 11, Min Chuan W. Rd.,
Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL: (886-2) 2592-9657, 2593-0327
FAX: (886-2) 2599-7046, 2593-5625

It depends on (A) where you’re going and (B) whether you get your visa in Taiwan in advance or © play the waiting game in H.K. (or Macau).

I highly recommend getting the visa in advance. Any decent travel service (such as the one who posted a reply) in Taipei can get you one, anywhere from 3 days to two weeks. It isn’t cheap but it saves you the heartache of doing it in H.K. Being a citizen of U.K. has no bearing on the procedure except they charge you (and Americans) a higher price.

If you are flying direct to a place like Guangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing, then you must get one in advance–they won’t let you on the plane without one. From Wikitravel: “Obtaining a Visa on Arrival is possible usually only for the Shenzhen or Zhuhai Special Economic Zones, and such visas are limited to those areas.”

It’s much easier to do it beforehand, but if you want to get the visa in Hong Kong and not at the airport, I can recommend Forever Bright Travel ( in Tsim Sha Tsui. I’ve used them twice, their next-day service was cheaper than CTS, and they were much nicer and less anal. They can get you a business visa without an invitation letter if you bring a business card (I think they make up their own invitation letter).

hey, at the end of april i am also about to go to mainland china. recently, i’ve visited STt ( travel agency. it seems visas’ to china are one the main things they are doing over there.
price is 5500NT (as far as i understood nationality doesn’t really matter)
i need F type visa and was a little bit surprised when they told me that the only two things they need to apply for it are two photos and my passport… no invitation letter, nothing…
sounds a little bit to good to be true, doesn’t it?
i wonder, if there is someone who used this agency before (they claim having 20 years of experience in this field already…). if yes, were you satisfied with result? (cause i’m worried my visa might be denied at the border or smth)

Anyone got details of where to go etc after arriving in HK to apply for the visa…and I dont mean at the airport ?

Take your pick:

I usually used the branch in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Thnx for the info…

The branch that U say U use…is that for applying for a visa coz it says on the site that it isnt for visa applications. Which makes me wonder how reliable this site info is.

More info here…

I got the following info today from 2 travel agencies, including the helpful Ellie (listed above).

The Chinese gov’t have recently (early 2010) sent out new rules to all Taiwan travel agents. The only visa a Taiwan travel agent can get for you right now is a 30-Day Single Entry Business Visa (Multiple Entry may be possible if you already have a Single Entry in your passport). And you need an ARC valid for 6 months.

Taiwan travel agents cannot currently obtain Tourist Visas for foreigners.

Does anyone know if these visa rules apply if I am just in transit through Shanghai on my way to London? Can I get a visa at the airport in Shanghai? Thanks.

Does anyone if the rules/ length of stay permitted for first time arrival has changed, getting a visa directly from one of the branches in HK ??

I have been ‘told’ that it is now more likely (compared to previous years) you’ll only get 30 Day Single Entry from HK, if it’s your first application. You might have a better chance applying via one of the HK travel agencies (Evergreen, or is it Everbrite?), if you need more than 30 days, or a Multiple Entry.

No-one really knows.

You could e-mail the PRC visa office in HK, but you might not get a reply. I didn’t.