Visa for China while in Taiwan?

Is it possible to get a visa for China from here in Taiwan? It used to be that foreigners had to make a stop in HK and apply while there. Has this situation changed? There are supposedly cheap flights to Canada this summer through Shanghai. Thanks in advance for any info.

Still can’t apply here except through a travel agent. However, you can now get a landing visa good for I think 3 days in Shanghai. You just need to be going on to a third destination which you are.

The above poster is correct. I could only get mine through a travel agent. Also note that you need to do it about 1 month in advance. Otherwise they charge you so many penalties that it doubles the charge. I was 2 weeks out and ended up paying an extra 5,000 NT total for one reason or another.
Also note that you need to STRIP! your passport of any stapled in items. They will disappear. The tax office had suggested that I keep stapled copies of my tax receipt (the small strip) stapled in my passport. I did so but when I got my visa and passport back from the china Travel Agency, everything had been stripped including my yellow entry/exit slip of paper that you are always supposed to have with your passport.
First, I wont be going to china again anytime soon. Second, if I was job related forced to go, I would strip my passport of anything stapled and even then I would not go.
Also, keep in mind, as you exit china, your luggage and electronics will be most carefully reviewed. If you took private pics just for your review, your going to have problems. I had a portable hard drive and my portable computer was Mr. Cleanjeans. (Not to imply there were others) I kept all pics and other docs on my portable hard drive in my camera bag. No problem there. I was stopped and asked for my portable computer. After 2 perv’s got tired of looking for porn pics, I got through the gate and got the hell out of that piece of shit country. Needless to say, there are many parts of the world that are better than china. I won’t be going back. The place sucks.
EDIT: I forgot to mention this.
While shopping in Osaka, I ran across a small shop and noticed some Benwa Balls (look that up in you Funk and Wagner’s). Anyway, 2 small , 1.25 inch diameter metals balls that shake like a Mexican Jumping Bean and toss themselves hither and yon. I bought two as a gag (wrong choice of words) gift for my ex wife. They were also in my computer bag. After the Nazi border patrol got through with what was supposed to be a benign, possibly stupid, joke for my ex., the Policea pull the gift from my bag and ask in loud (drawing everybody’s attention,) In so many words:
"What is this comrade, You besoiled our women, you capitalist dog!
Just kidding about the verbiage but I did buy them in China and intended to send them to my ex (we are still VERY good friends)
They didn’t really embarrass me. They looked discreetly at the Benwas and waved me on. I thank them for that.
I still won’t go back.
Since I am on binge of airport security, I’ll tell one more.
Me, my brother and ex were headed to San Jose del Cabo in Mex… We boarded in Seattle. She had one bag with wheels and I another with a carry on. She got through security with no problems. I had to take off cowboy boots. While stripping, my carry on was passing through Xray hell. I got through; my bag didn’t. On the other side was a 400 pound female knuckle dragging gorilla. She adeptly pulled my wife’s favorite sex toy from the bag, waving it over her hear head and asking “WHAT IS THIS”? Shit! "Well, it’s a vibrator to keep me from going bald. ( I already was) My ex did not have room in her bag so had put it in mine (not so friendly for a few hours)I got passed, not without alot of chuckling from those assholes behind me.
I started looking for my wife. Hell, she was clear to the gate by that time. Bottom line was she snuck it into my bag because hers was too full of “other” female crap.
On the way home, I had previously fallen in love with Cuban cigars. I had 2 boxes hand rolled in Tepic for myself and my brother. They wouldn’t fit in my bag. Now the ex has a carry on and I was able to fit the boxes into her carry on Customs? No problemo. 8 hours later me and bro are on the deck with 24 year old scotch and Cuban cigars. (Still kinda wish, in a perverted way that she had got busted at the border.)

Never heard of the camera/laptop search either. Been to China many times and through dozens of airports

Yes, there are travel agents that will mail your passport off and it takes 10 days or so.

The alternate method, which I use frequently and easily, is stop in HK and pick up a visa within 2 working days if you catch the correct timing.

You don’t need a visa to fly to Canada if the plane routes through Shanghai unless you are going to depart the airport. There are some new opportunities for 3 days without a visa that explained elsewhere in this board.