Visa for japan

Can anybody tell me how to get a visa to japan when in Taipei. I’m only visiting here and not sure where to go… any help please


It would help if you let us know your NATIONALITY.

I’m from New Zealand. I know I can get a 90 day entry, but are there ways to get a visa that entitles work before you leave even without a sponsor?

Better go and ask the Interchange Association (Japan) Taipei Office.

Tung Tai Bldg., 28 Qingcheng St., Songshan District, Taibei
Tel: +886-2-2713 8000(switchboard)
Fax: +886-2-2713 8787
Nearest MRT station: Nanjing East Road Station on the Muzha (Brown) Line.

Unfortunately there is barely a word of English on their web site.

I could help you apply visa for Japan.
But you must have to tell me what Nationality
you are.that would be easier for me to process.
We require passports for your visa application.
Or you can drop by to our office.
Rm.1408,,Sunchiang Rd.Taipei,Taiwan.
Tel:02-25040950 or you can fax me your passport
copy at 02-25168207(fax).
you can also visit our websites:
or if you have more further questions about travelling in Japan,Philippines,Thailand,Malaysia.
please send an email to

If you’re looking for a working holiday visa I’m nearly certain that has to be applied for in your home country.