Visa for parent of a Taiwan child

Hi guys, does anyone know if there is a TW Visa, for someone to move to TW to be closer to Thier TW citizen toddler? Recently divorced and back in Australia, I would like to move back to TW as a single, to be close with my daughter.

Anyone able to shed some light on the visa I can or should apply for? Thanks all!

Cool topic title, but might want to make it more clear like “Visa for parent of a Taiwan child” or something that gets the right attention by someone that might have info.

Jus sayin’

I think you can get a visitor visa to visit your child.

There is/was a draft to amend immigration Act to give an option to apply for resident visa for such cases, though the act is not amended yet, and I don’t know the draft’s current status.

In Chinese.


Other than that, you may get
Gold card
Work/Investment based ARC
Student ARC, if you don’t need to work for more than 20hr / week, and don’t need to work during the 1st year if it is a language school.

How long do you intend to stay?
Do you want to work in Taiwan?

To get a suitable response please answer those questions.