Visa free entry question

Here’s what I’m contemplating:

Start in the US (I’m a US citizen)
Fly to Taipei, get the 30 day thingie.
29 days in Taiwan.
Fly from Taipei to Bangkok.
A week or two in Thailand.
Fly from Bankgok back to Taipei.
Another 29 days in Taiwan.
Go somewhere else, not sure where yet.

Is there a catch? Do I need to do something special w.r.t. visas? Thanks in advance.

I believe that US passport holders now get 90 days visa free (up from 30 a month or so back).

As long as you have an onward ticket at each entry, you should have no problem with your plan.


Here’s my plan thus far: I fly out from the US right after New Year’s. I’ve got a hotel booked for January, and another for February. I’ve got a ticket to Manila at the beginning of April, but nothing onward from there.

I figure I’ll fill in the blanks after I’m in Taiwan. Then I’ll have better insight into what I want and what my options are. I still will need a hotel for March, and I will need a forward ticket from Manila, but I don’t need to have those right now. I might cancel the Manila ticket and go to Bangkok instead, but having that ticket lets me get into Taiwan for 90 days.

This is my biggest and most complicated trip ever by far. My current record is a month in Tokyo. I am not a seasoned world traveler yet, but I’m getting there.

. I am not a seasoned world traveler yet, but I’m getting there.[/quote]

Those very words were spoken by Captain Cook in 1779 " I am not a “seasoned” traveller :popcorn:
Good luck to you and visit as many places as you can but beware of the Natives.