Visa free entry

I am sure there are a million of these but I couldn’t find my answer.

If you overstay on a visa free entry I know you can’t come back in visa free for a year or so.

But what if you came in visa free, then left for Hong Kong got your visitor visa and overstayed on that. Then proceed to leave and pay the fine, get the red stamp.

Does that visa take the blow ha? Can I enter now visa free some time later?

Thanks for any help!

I never get why you people don’t just call the NIA with this kind of questions. Anyhow, it’s not an exact science. I have two friends who both overstayd their visa (one tourist, the other resident) for 5 months and 2 days, respectively. They both got the one-year ban. Just don’t overstay. It will bring you only problems.