Visa headache... How to legally find work in Taiwan?


My plan was to enter Taiwan on a visitor’s visa, look for and find work, and then convert my visitor’s visa to a work permit/ARC in Taiwan. (BTW is there a difference between work permit, ARC, and work visa?)
TEC®O in the US is telling me that I have to get a work visa from them, that even if I enter Taiwan on a visitor’s visa or visa-exempt, I have to go back to the US to get a work permit from them if I want to get a job in Taiwan. Is this true?
If not, what’s the right/best way to go about this?


Work permit explains it by the name.
If you have a work permit before you enter Taiwan, you can get a visa based on the work permit.
Arc is a residence permit. You can get it based on your work permit.

No, it is not true.

If you find a white collar job providing your work permit, you can convert your status without going out of taiwan. If you have a visitor visa, there is a restriction on which ones can be converted.

What documents do I need to prepare when applying for a resident visa for employment purpose?

Instructions for Application for Residency Status by Foreign Nationals with Visitor Visas(Serial No. 0915)


There’s some kind of misunderstanding. What do they mean by “work visa”? Some visitor visas give you permission to work (so then you wouldn’t need a work permit), but a normal visitor visa (such as a “tourist visa”) does not.


There’s another way; why don’t you try in the other way around? If you have significant formation/experience, you can search for a job and later on, if you find someone who’s interested, try to have that employer make you a work visa and come in a completely legal context without risking being stuck in a limbo if you don’t find a job, or find one, but converting your visa or creating a new one takes too much time.


I guess a “work visa” in your post means a resident visa based on employment.