Visa help

I know that there is a thread about Hong Kong visa run, but I didn’t see much in the way of schools. I am currently studying Chinese and I left Taiwan in January to go back home to the states for 2 weeks (about a month shy of receiving my ARC - I got here in August.) Well, I am planning on going to China at some point but my original visa expired Feb 2,2013 - It is currently extended to may 25th. So if I go to China later, my visa is not valid and of course I can’t renew it there. My question is…help. What do I do? Is the process really fast in Hong Kong? What forms do I need from my school? I’m thinking of trying to make it a one-day event (next Friday, April 5). What is the costs of the visa plus same day? (I’m a US citizen so I’m sure that makes a difference). Thanks for any help. Like I said, I saw most people respond with work related things. Is anyone else really frustrated with the whole visa process here? I taught English in Shanghai last year and I don’t remember it being complicated at all. If I got fired, my employer notified immigration and I had to leave. I heard that if a student was kicked out, their school alerted immigration and their student visa was instantly cancelled. So why do I have to do this every 60 days? Why, knowing that I was going to be here for a year, did they only issue me a visa until Feb 2? My partner is in Shanghai and can’t leave due to work so I must go there. But this is proving very frustrating and costly. And having to get a China visa here seems very complicated as well. Sigh, we just do what we have to do I suppose.

However, after I wrote all of that, i just thought of something. I am done with classes June 14th. If I go to Shanghai from June 24th-28th, I won’t be a student anymore. My flight back to the US is already booked for July 3rd. Couldn’t I just return under the visa-exempt status? Thus, not requiring me to renew my visa in Hong Kong and saving lots of $$$.

I’m really not good at this stuff. I appreciate any help. Thank you all :notworthy: