Visa Mess!


I am a student from Singapore, hoping to work in Taiwan during the May-July holidays. What application forms do I have to fill in to work in Taiwan? Do I need a resident visa or employment approval form? It is only for less than 2 months, so is a vistor visa sufficient? I am quite confused. Where do I find these application forms?


If you are an exchange student under the Ministry of Education, then I believe that they have their own regulations on taking up part-time work.

In terms of other part-time employment, all I can say is that many people do it, but it is illegal. Check the Employment Services Act for full details, and be sure to read through the many informative threads in this Forum.


I am applying for an internship (to the tv stations/entertainment production companies)on my own accord. No school to aid me, no company to aid me, only YOU, those who reply me can help me out. Therefore, i am deeply grateful to you if you can answer my questions.

What type of visa should I apply if I am going there for less than 2 months and I am going to work there?

What documents should I sent to my prospective employer? (so they have less trouble and hence increasing my chances of getting an internship?)

eg. resume, recommendation letter, O/A levels certificates???

Are recommendation letters, qualifications important in the eyes of Taiwanese production companies?

Is it troublesome to accept foreign students to work? (in terms of the legalities and paperwork?) What do I have to do?


If you are applying for an internship, then I think that there has to be a prelimary type of formal agreement between a sponsoring organization and the prospective employer(s).

After that agreement was formally concluded, and received the approval of the relevant ROC government agencies, then the further steps which you (as the individual applicant) need to follow would no doubt be clearly outlined.

Taiwan’s work permit system is very strict, and normally no permission is ever contemplated for less than a one year period. A foreigner is typically limited to nine categories of employment, see