Visa - more than 60 days?

Has anyone been issued a visitor visa of more than 60 days from Canada lately?

The Visa Connections people say that it is possible to get such a thing but I don’t hear lot of reports of people getting over 60 days. (I don’t have Taiwanese citizenship or any special connections. I’m just your average Canadian gal wanting to check out the country.)

hi, well you can get a multiple entry visabut you will have to renew it every 60 days unles you change your visa to student or resident. I received a 3 year multiple entry from the toronto consulate.

A visa can be any length up to 180 days. I have seen 180 day single entry visas. You’ve just got to have a good enough reason.

yes , but do you not have to apply for extesions beyond 60 days on a multiple entery visa?