Visa Run and ARC - Any discretion?

I note in another thread that it is not possible to gain an ARC from a month landing pass. Is this totally the case?

I have an ARC - valid until next Feb. I have changed schools - due to insufficient classes. I now have a new school, however, the old school is threatening to pull the plug on the ARC before the couple of weeks the new school requires to transfer the ARC.

All I need is 10 days - not the 60 days and visit to TECO that a visitor permit involves. Given that I have a previous ARC, I have a job ‘offer’, I have done the Health Check, and the paperwork is close to go is there no discretion possible on the part of immigration?

Can anyone speak with certainty on this one and/or give me a number to ring and find out for sure?


Why are you asking about visa-free entry when what you want is an ARC extension? Take all documentation you now have pertaining to your new job application to the Immigration Agency. I think your ARC is safe if you can show that you have a new work application under way.

Edit: The key item you need is something from the Council on Labour Affairs to show that they have received your work permit application.

I’m pretty sure that once an ARC is cancelled, you are allowed to stay in the country for 15 days. So even if your old school cancels your ARC, you should still have 2 weeks for the new paperwork to go through. Call the NIA or FAP and ask them to be sure.

Yes, after a bit of running around today I’ve worked out this is the way to go. I’m still going to need a couple of days grace from my old school, because contrary to this…

… I was told I would have three days. Here’s hoping you’re right cfimages. I’ll give NIA/FAP a ring as you suggest.

Thanks for the replies

You’re supposed to get some kind of letter from MOFA, which I never got when I quit my job, very odd and I have no idea how it all works, but I was told 14 days when I called MOFA.