Visa Run destinations where you don`t need to show a ticket OUT of Taiwan

Dear All

I hope I am on the correct forum for this question, I have done a search but have yielded no results, anyone out there been to a country that doesnt require an outbound ticket from Taiwan. I am currently under student status so I will have the correct documents with regards my study its just I dont want to get the outbound ticket, as there are three of us in my familiy and I am the only one eligible to work so I am a wee bit careful with my readies;)

Mnay thanks for any insight

I don’t know if there is such a country, but I discovered a good solution through the very helpful Jeannie of Interlink Travel. She sold me a ticket out of Taiwan and agreed in advance taht I could take it to HK and show it to them there, then bring it back and return it to her for a refund minus a small service charge. i forget how much she charged me but I was very happy with the deal at the time and it worked fine, no problem. In fact I did that twice with her.

I bought an open one-way to HK at the airport from Cathay at the standard price, used my discounted return ticket to do my visa run, and took the ‘spare’ back to the Cathay desk on my return.

It cost me 300NT, plus whatever I lost on currency conversions as I used my credit card. They refund the money direct to your CC, and it takes a couple of weeks to show up.

You’ll most likely need to show the ticket no matter which country you go to renew your visa.

Two years ago I applied for a visa in Singapore, showing proof of a company’s application to employ me. The visa office didn’t ask to see a ticket out of Taiwan. When checking in for the flight back to Taiwan, the airline desk did ask to see an onward ticket. I explained that I didn’t have one because I would be staying and working in Taiwan. They accepted the documents I showed them as proof of this and let me check in.

i’ve never been asked for this…but usually carry an open ticket to HK from china airlines just in case…costs 9,000 , good for 12 months, and can be refunded at any time for a 3ooNT service charge…2 weeks processing in to a taiwan a/c