Visa run Jakarta

OK, here is my question. I have worked in Taiwan for 7 months but recently left my job (ended up getting fired after already putting in my notice). So my ARC was cancelled yesterday (my employer gave me two weeks before cancelling it, so I could get it transferred). Unfortunately it took longer than i’d hoped to find a new job so I need to do a visa run. I am planning on going to Jakarta, is it ok to get a new 60 day visa there? I have a new employer already, should I bring a letter with me stating that I have employment? What else should I bring with me?

I am purchasing my ticket tonight so advice would be appreciated ASAP :slight_smile:

Jakarta’s fun. Be sure to have a Bintang or 6 down on Jl. Jaksa. :slight_smile:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t mention anything about employment or a new employer.

You are coming back to Taiwan for the purpose of tourism wink wink.

If you say anything about employment it will greatly complicate the matter. Just get a 60 day visitor visa and let your new employer worry about the rest.