Visa-Run Macau


does anyone knows if it is possible to make a visa-run to Macau?

thanx for any information!


Just an update for anyone interested in making a visa run to Macau. I just got back from accompanying a friend who had to switch from a student to visitor visa.

It was incredibly easy. The TECO office there was kind of run down - info about Taiwan was scattered all over the place, and some magazines were dated 2005 - but the place was really easy to find and there was nobody else there, which meant no waiting. Even with past visa problems, my friend was quickly interviewed and approved.

Apparently they only accept visa applications from 9 am-12 pm. My friend paid HK$144 (~630NT) for same-day service: drop off at 10:45, pick up at 4:30. I’m not sure what the regular fees are, but I saw a chart posted on the wall that had prices ranging from HK$75-100.

The trade off is that Macau is pretty dull. The new casinos are fantastic, if you’re into gambling; they also have good restaurants if you’re craving Western food (Sands has a fancy steakhouse on the 3rd floor that was excellent and moderately priced). Aside from the harbor, all of Macau’s main attractions - Guia Fortress, ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Macau Tower, Fortaleza de Monte, etc. - can be seen on foot in one day. Shopping district is okay, it’s like any other market in Asia, just looks different set in the town’s European architecture.

Ferries to Hong Kong run 24 hours a day, every 15-20 mins during the day, every 30 mins in the late evening and every hour from 1-6 am. One way daytime trip is HK$154; at night the price jumps to HK$175, but the travel agencies in the HK terminal sold discounted tickets late at night.

The food in Macau is not too shabby and relatively inexpensive. Eat in the market district, or head for Avenida Sun Yat Sen, where there are a bunch of bars, pubs, KTV and clubs. Most places serve food, and one bar/restaurant offered 6 beers for HK$100.

We flew EVA for 5500NT roundtrip. You should have no problem booking a hotel room when you get to Macau. Oh, and while everyone speaks Cantonese, most also speak Chinese.

What, no mention of the local Portuguese grub!? That’s the best bit about Macau!

Here’s a fantastic little hotel, sort of Fawlty Towers in China. It does a great buffet on a Saturday night and is not far from the legendary Fernandos, and a long way from the casinos full of nervous mainland officals sweating away their misgotten gains.



I ate at Fernando’s and it was good, but I found Nga Tim in Coloane Village to be better - better food, cheaper prices, more interesting setting (in a banyan-tree-adorned collonnade adjacent to the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, with a view of mainland China), and they accept credit cards.

Mmmm… bacalhau!! :homer:

Chris, totally agree, i think Fernandos is over rated.

Not done Nga Tim, but I will. There’s a place called A Pestiqueira in old Taipa which does exactly the same fare as Fernandos but much better. It also draws many local Portuguese.


Actually, we went scouting for Portuguese food but couldn’t find anything particularly appealing … lots of thai, chinese and vietnamese, though.

We did have Portuguese sausage with our beers - awesome! We thought about going back for a second round before getting in a cab to the airport, but we were short on time.

Sadly, we didn’t make it to Taipa or Coloane. It rained the day we planned to go, so we checked out the inside of a few casinos instead. :smiley:

You’ll get your chance soon, and in Taipei no less.

I can’t say anymore. :sunglasses:


The best I’ve had is the Lorcha next to the maritime museum. Best to make a reservation…pm me for the phone number.

i think they still have them. Try taking the AIR MACAU 2 nite/3 day or 3nite/ 4 day PACKAGES to Macau from Taipei or Kaohsiung. Twin occupancy (so bring a friend of the opposite sex :slight_smile: ). It was a great deal for bout 6200nt to 7200nt each or something like that. INcluded a nice hotel room and roundtrip airfare. and some deals even included MEALS (but then you have to follow the tour group around).

hey, I am also interested in making a visa run pretty soon. Does anyone know of the address to the office? As well as any affordable hostels to stay in for a night or two, nighlife, as well as main places to go?