Visa run options (2022)

This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I didn’t find anything searching just now, and COVID brought everything to a halt of course…I’m curious to know where people went to get visas when the Hong Kong office closed. If you did squeeze in a trip pre-Covid, how was the experience? Goodness knows when visa trips will revive, but hopefully, it’s on the horizon.

How long will the government here be renewing visas gratis do you think? What’s the status?

Nobody’s been doing visa runs for two years now.

But to answer your question, Okinawa and Manila are close by.

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Philippines no quarantine if fully vaccinated although that’s a bit vague right now for Taiwan vaccinated because the Taiwan yellow card maybe not accepted yet.

10 days quarantine returning to Taiwan.

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The validation of Taiwan’s vaccination is another question. I believe it’s recognised in the EU.

I did a visa run to the Philippines once years ago. Pretty good trip. I guess a lot more people will be going there in the future. Not only is HK out for a visa run, but it may well also be a risk for any kind of travel given China’s national security law. I feel it’s off-limits for me now.


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Thailand need to do PCR on day 1

Japan is not currently open to casual visitors, so that won’t work unless you are a Japanese national.