Visa run to Thailand

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I have to make a visa run to Bangkok. Since I want to return to this pretty Taiwan island and I just have a visitor’s visa, I want to know if there is a visa office in Bangkok, and where it is.

Has anybody been there and can give me some tips?

Is it like the visa office in Hongkong? I’ve been there for my last visa run and it was perfect.

Thank you for hints,

I have heard it is easy and difficult… never had to do it though… supposedly it depends on who is at the counter and what mood they are in…

My friend’s sister was only visting Taiwan for a week… She had to get a visitor visa in BKK… but to get it she had to prove she was employed in Ireland and had something to go back for… I guess for the getting the visa she has to ensure she wasn’t going to do a bunk and stay in Taiwan.

Why don’t you type “visa” and “Thailand” into the search function, make sure you’re only looking for posts including both terms and go through the five posts that come up with the search?

That should give plenty of infomation as visa questions are rather common on the forum.

A few years back there was a rule in place to protect Thai workers from exploitation that required them to have return tickets back to Bangkok in order to issue any Taiwan visa. In order to appear fair to all, the rule also applied to non Thai nationals and even a ticket onwards from Taiwan was not acceptable.

It may be different now, but the circumstances which brought the rule into being have not changed, and I don’t see why the rule would be either.


Yes, you may still need to produce a return (or outbound) ticket to the immigration.

not at immigration but at the check in counter

when i was on a business visa here in Germany and Holland they would ask to see my return ticket but in BKK they never asked

Sorry if I was unclear on this.

At that time there were no visas on arrival. In order to obtain a visa at the Taiwan visa shop, Bangkok branch, it was necessary to produce a return ticket.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand,
20th Fl., Empire Tower,
195 South Sathorn Rd.,
Bangkok, 10120,
Tel: (002-66-2) 6700200 Fax: (002-66-2) 6700220


I just did a visa run to Singapore and got a visitor visa, which I can convert to a resident visa on the basis of my Taiwan work permit. At the China Airlines check-in desk in Singapore, I was asked to show a return ticket to the UK! I showed my work permit instead, and that was OK. So if you have no evidence that you can convert to a residence visa, you should have a return or forward ticket, or they might not let you on the plane. If you are refused entry, the airline is held responsible. You had better ask the TECO in Bangkok to make sure.

By the way, I think Singapore is a pretty good place to go for an R.O.C. visa.

not at immigration but at the check in counter

Take it from me that you may need to show it to the immigration upon arrival, because I was denied entry by them when I arrived because the return flight was dated after the visa would have expired.
EVA air was then so kind to change the booking and only then I was given the visa and could enter Taiwan.

I had always assumed and understood that it was the responsibilty of the Airline to chek if you have a return ticket.

I hadn’t a return ticket once in Amsterdam, and the KLM guy said that if he was to let me through and it was found in immigration in CKS that I didn’t have a ticket out of Taiwan, KLM could be fined. He let me through eventually though.

Maybe they do this randomly at Immigration, but I have come in on a 60 day visa 6 times, with my entry permit that was never cancelled eventhough my ARC had been cancelled. The guy in Immigration look at my re entry permit and then my visa and stamped it. On one occasion i had to point out that the Re entry permit was actually cancelled

Rascal I think you are talking about getting a landing visa… on those occasions I did this. I had the visa already before going to Taiwan

When we did a visa run in Bangkok Chinese New Year 2001, there was no same day service like there is in Hong Kong.
They seemed pretty friendly there though :slight_smile:

Bon voyage!

Do you need a letter of referral from a future employer and or enrolment in Chinese lessons? I’m currently in Thailand and KLM informed me I would have 30 days when I came back but realistically I will be looking for work and the 60 days visa is better. An ex-co worker told me he recieved as 60 day visa by pointing out that he could get one.

If the thirty days to which you refer is visa free entry, then you can’t transfer on to a resident visa here (you have no visa to transfer), so you will end up on a visa run. I had to get a visa in Bangkok a couple of years ago cause some f*!**)!$^&$& in the TECO in tokyo refused me a visa saying it was impossible to get anywhere apart from my country of birth. I had a job and work permit etc when I went to get my visa in Bangkok so not to sure what they will be like if you don’t have one. Should be ok. But you never know.

It was no ploblem. Filled the application form Friday. Picked up the visa Monday. The only possible worry is the fact that a copy of my credit card was asked for however my credit limit is not large.