Visa run with SARS factor?

I need to get a new visa before April 24, and I’m a little reluctant to try Hong Kong.

I saw a post that says in Manila it takes 3 days…can anyone confirm this?

Any suggestions?


Not sure if Manila is a better place than HK. Not because of SARS but IMHO that place sucks and isn’t considered safe.
Anyhow, you may try Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 3 days (e.g. submit Monday morning and receive Wednesday afternoon) or ask for an express visa (1 day) against an extra charge.
KL is a nice and cheap place, too, so you may want to enjoy a short holiday there.
The TECO is right in downtown near the major hotels and shopping area.

Mike … I’m in the same boat. I decided … “F@k it, I’m going to HK” :!: …
Made sure with the travel agent that you wont need to be quarantined on your return and a mate that lives in HK reckons the situation isn’t THAT bad … *riiiiiight :? * … Hmmm … I’m going though … If it gets worse there I guess it’s KL as I’m NOT going to Manila, Thailand or Japan. Luck :!: