Visa running out and no flights home

i think a few people here may be in the same situation as me.
my 180 day extended visitor visa runs out mid july, china airlines are currently selling direct flights to the uk but all the flights on that route have been cancelled over the past week or so and i have no way of knowing whether that will continue to be the case or not come july.

any ideas who i should be talking to? NIA, MOFA or BOCA?

i saw someone post something about the NIA offering additional 30 day extensions for people who can’t get flights home, even if they’ve already had the 180 day extension. i don’t see that mentioned on their website though.

you can’t get a connecting flight? that direct route is pretty new anyway.

i will probably need to do the same and was expecting to get a connecting flight. but i am worried about flights getting cancelled also.

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You can always apply, but I will be very surprised if non direct flight available will grant you 30 extra days. If you do please report back.

I would not recommend buying any ticket more than one or two days before travel, at the moment.


thanks, that’s the post i was looking for. i’ll go and see what i can see.

i’d really rather not be stopping off at multiple countries at the moment but appreciate that the NIA may not see that as their problem.

the other thing is, for people renting apartments, cancelling a lease before booking a last minute flight only to have that flight cancelled would be far from ideal.

i’ll report back when i’ve been to the NIA. thanks again for the responses

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The British office in Taipei have been posting travel information daily which might be a useful resource for you.
You can find it on their Facebook page or at the below url:


thanks a lot. that’s very helpful

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Hotels and hostels are cheap these days, so there should be a way to bridge the last few days. Makes it easier to get your deposit back too.

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Bring proof of a cancelled flight to immigration and enjoy an extra 30 days on this beautiful island.

Edit: Oops - thought this was a new thread. :man_facepalming:

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One year late! :rofl:


Well did you make it home OP???

i did thanks. now, how to make it back?


I’m afraid you’ll have to wait another year to come back x

hoping it’ll be sooner but yeah, it’s looking like a long wait at the moment

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