Visa runs

so where is the cheapest and easist place to go for a visa run. also where to I go when i get there and what should i take($$$-documents)

is anyone going on a visa run in the nxt 2-3 weeks? and would like some company?

i hear manila is the going thing these days?

your advice is appreciated

Try Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cheapest 5 star hotels I know of (or good 4 Star Hotels at around NT$1500 / night right in the middle of town, which is also close to the Taipei ECO office) and cheap shopping. Cheap but good food, too.

I went on a package with EVA airs earlier this year, 4D/3N at NT$17000 only (4 Star Hotel).

No hassle at the TECO, takes 3 working days for the visa though you can get express, too.