Visa/work permit question

hi there!
i am a singaporean student studying in taiwan, and i am graduating really soon. am recently considering venturing into the tattoo industry as an artist, but am unsure if being a tattoo artist would allow me to get a work permit here. does anyone have any experience, or know someone who was in the same situation that i am in? would greatly appreciate any help/advice. thank you so much in advance!

I think the job/industry doesn’t matter as long as you meet the requirements to get a work permit. For most jobs other than teaching it seems to be getting paid at least twice the minimum wage.

hi! thanks for replying. can’t seem to get much information on this though. and it seems like not all companies are eligible to hire foreigners…? as i think there is a minimum annual revenue that the company needs to earn to be able to do so which means the company has to be large scale enough and i don’t think that tattoo studios/shops are big enough :sob: