Visa worries (URGENT) UK

I’ve booked my flight for Taiwan with a return 3 months later, thinking that a 3 month visa is granted. I was soooo wrong!!

I can’t change my return flight until I’ve gone on the outward one…but can’t go on the outward one till I have a visa!!

Can I still be granted a visa even with this flight? (I will change it once I’m in Taiwan to a 2 month one) . . . . . Any suggestions on how to get round it without paying a fee to change the flight before I leave London?

Rascal told you weeks ago, and I quote:
“As well you must produce a return air ticket dated BEFORE the visa expires.”

Being that you completely ignored the advice, why the hell are you moaning now? What kind of buffoon are you? If it’s so damned hard for you to get your act together simply flying to Taiwan, how the hell are you gonna survive here?

Smile and explain nicely that it was a mistake at the ticketing office and you’ll fix it once in Taiwan.

Shouldn’t be a problem.

If I want to listen to someone who actually remembers strangers’ questions from weeks before then I would have phoned your mama. As it happens, I actually want helpful advice so will you please do us all a favor and take a swim in the Taiwan Straits (to cool down).

Kind Regards,
Dean X X (a kiss for you and one for your mother)

Damn, I’m with the primate on this one. Hey Dean, why d’you want more advice here? So’s you can ignore it again?

As Jeepers says, your only hope is to beg the Taiwan rep office to overlook the fact that they’ll be giving you a visa when you have no return flight, but they’re like visa officials everywhere – not known for their willingness to break their own regulations.

Live and learn.

Rascal to the rescue:

I cant change my return flight until I’ve gone on the outward one…but can’t go on the outward one till i have a visa!!

You can fly to Taiwan and change the return flight at the airline counter BEFORE you clear immigration. Then apply a landing visa.

Else buy a new ticket - that’s the price you have to pay for not listening then …

…and it’s the Taiwan Strait, not the Taiwan Straits.

“People should have to pass an IQ test before being issued a passport.” – LOL

Originally posted by Dean Paton: I can't change my return flight until I've gone on the outward one

Why not?

Hey Dean, on the great teacher oracles will answer all your visa questions … seek and ye shall find!
Go in peace now …

This return flight thing, really makes me mad!!!

I went on a visa run to HK, a few weeks ago, Don’t get me wrong, I work for a multi-national but I have attended so many meetings out of Taiwan, that I have no yet gotten around to getting my ARC.

So, office girl, gets me HK return and I toddle off to HK for a weekend with my Wife (who is from the Mainland and can’t even come here YET!!!).

Then I try and board my flight from HK to Taipei monday morning and they won’t let me on, because even though I can stay 14 days Visa free, I did not have an “Onward confirmed Ticket from Taiwan”.

So I had to buy a Taipei -> HK ticket in HK for 300 US, which I cashed in upon arrival.


  1. The Immigration staff in the Airport never check (Well they never ask me)

  2. I did the same type of trip to Okinawa this weekend, again I did not have a return ticket, when leaving Okinawa for Taipei. I used a different method.

When I arrived at the Taipei airport on Friday, I went to the China Airlines ticket counter and asked the girl to make a provisional booking for a Taipei to Okinawa trip in two weeks. I asked her to print out the flight details and asked to sign it and put her office telephone number on it.

I went to Okinawa on my exsisting ticket, and had a great time. On Sunday night coming back, the check in girl from China Airlines asked to see my on-ward ticket from Taipei, as I had no Visa. I showed the booking slip and told her that immigration accepted this method. (Ok, I lied)

I then arrived at Taipei and applied for a 30 day landing visa (Without an Airticket - Oh boy I love trouble).

I applied my thickest Beijing accent and apologised that I only had a onward confirmation slip (Just a peice of paper - no proof of purchase).

The Immigration girl said “Don’t worry, just try and remember next time O.K” , you could have knocked me over with a feather.

As for the London Visa office, when I appled for my first 2-month visa, they did not notice my ticket was a returned dated 6 months later. Maybe this was just luck.

1. The Immigration staff in the Airport never check …

Not true. I had a return ticket but dated after the expiration of the visa, they (immigration) checked and refused entry to me.
My ticket had to be ammended before they even started processing my landing visa application which EVA air was kind enough to do.
Once I got the sticker in the ticket it was plain sailing though …

… (Well they never ask me)

That maybe true but I wouldn’t count on that all the time.