Visas for Taiwanese difficult to get one?

I heard it is quite difficult for Taiwanese citizens to get visas for example to the US. How about other countries? Has anybody had experience with this? I’m asking, cause I’d love to travel around India or SEAsia with my boyfriend and was just wandering how complicated this would going to be… :frowning: I don’t wanna get stuck with him in the middle of nowhere… :shock:

Taiwanese citizens basically need visa to go to any foreign countries. There are few countries that Taiwanese can use landing visas like Singapore as I remembered, most of them are located in Asia. So basically I think your bf has to go to get visas for the countries you want to visit. In addition, each institute requires different type of documents such as return flight ticket, financial proof.
Anyway, I do not think it is difficult to get visa. it is just annoying and you have got to plan your trip in advance.

Piece of piss. Get the travel agent to get all the visas for you.


Yeah, that’s the thing…I don’t actually wanna plan our trip in detail, since I just wanted to go with the flow…

Is it possible to get visas on the road for Taiwanese people. Let’s say if we are in Bangkok and deside to go to Cambodia, we’ll he be able to get a visa there?

It may not be possible for your bf as I know one can either get visa in the country he/she has citizenship or residentship. Else there is something like Schengen visa for some Asia countries. If your bf live in Taiwan, he can just go to travel agencies. Normally they will handle the visa matter for you.

That’s what I was afraid of…do you know more about that “Schengen visa for some Asian countries”? Which countries does it includes and where can he get one?

Sorry for the confusion! I did not mean to write such kind of visa exists. The best solution is to call up travel agencies in Taiwan. They should know more about it. In addition, your bf probably would not need to go to embassies in person to get visas for Asian countries.

Schengen visas are only for certain European countries. Specifically, they are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. All these countries except Norway and Iceland are European Union members.

So you can have an unplanned trip in these countries. South Korea also does not require a visa.

Go to for more info.

Read this site which has pretty much all visa requirements for all countries, your bf needs to at least plan which countries to visit.

i know about schengen…from europe myself…but was wondering about southeastasia and other asian countries…

i’ll have a look at it right away…thanks