Visas: How do they calculate the days?

In terms of visa matters, I am wondering what 14 days means . . . . . . ? If I arrive on the 1st of a month with a visa for 14 days, how long can I stay? Until the 14th or until the 15th?

Is the day I arrive counted as day one or day zero?

Maybe this is a stupid question but I really would like to know. Thanks.

Its counted as day one. Remember that.

I thought day one was counted as the day after you arrive?!

Ha, It looks like I am not the only one confused!

If you check some the older posts, you’ll see that a number of people here have been screwed by this rule.

At $8-9,000 for a flight to HK, its an expensive mistake.

Maybe just to be safe… take day 1 as the the day you arrive in Taiwan and depart Taiwan on Day 27. Unless somebody else knows the exact rule to do with this?

Do they mark your passport if you overstay by a day… or do you just get a fine and a “you’ve been a bad boy” look?
I have heard of people getting refused a visa in HK because of overstaying, well they eventually got it, but some grovelling and persistance was required