Visiting Dance Teachers Legal?

I see a lot of visiting dance teachers for festivals like Salsa or Tango or Hip Hop or Jazz or whatever. Typically a 3-5 day festival with visiting teachers who hold classes. There are a lot. Are these things legal or under the radar?

I see a lot foreign “teachers” teaching zimba or romba or whatever the :speak_no_evil: it’s called at my gym. Pretty much ever week is a new dude/gal. What’s the legality on this like?

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Seems like it’s legitimate establishments that bring people in and there’s no one checking the individual visiting teachers.

I mean why would the police just walk into a random business and ask to see if everyone are legal workers.

A bar or a nightclub or a KTV yes, but just some business in one of the thousands of high-rise buildings around Taiwan. Probably not.

Crap, I can’t tell if you’re asking about that Incan marble-hitting game


or the robot vacuum.

Back in the old days, I did have this American lady housemate who used to bring over American peelers for 2 to 3 week engagements, mostly at ganged-up semi-private venues.
Because I was around, I would occasionally get roped into takin care of them and seeing that their various needs were met.
A tedious undertaking, as I’m sure you can imagine.

I completely forgot about this game. I’m going to download it right now.