Visiting foreign government delegations

Saw a big Australian motorcade going towards the presidential office traveling west on Ren’ai around 330pm today. Guess they landed at Songshan.

Was this in the news already?

Unofficial diplomatic partners don’t usually display flags on cars.

Did the cars have Aussie flags on them I’m guessing that’s how you knew they were au

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Yes, flags. I’m pretty sure they weren’t New Zealand flags.

It was a big group. Maybe 10 Mercedes limousines, several vans and busses with police escort. Police had the traffic lights stuck for them to pass along with police directing traffic.

I think you were confusing the Australian flag with the flag of… Tuvalu

Happens to the best of us


Thanks a lot. I was sitting at a distance. I should have snapped a photo but at the same time I was sitting on my scooter and that would have been breaking the law.