Visiting friends are looking for a cheap love motel

I have some friends visiting me and they wanted to spend a night away from me in one of the much heralded love motels of Asia.

They would ideally like to spend between 1000-1500, but I told them i think that’s too cheap.

Can anyone post the name of some place they know that’s nice enough but not too expensive?

First of all, where do you live?

i live near da’an station, but they’re ok with anywhere near an MRT station. They’ve been around ximen station a few times, so they know that area.

but they’re telling me ‘somewhere near the MRT’.

thanks (from them)

[quote=“freethought”]i live near Da’an station, but they’re ok with anywhere near an MRT station. They’ve been around ximen station a few times, so they know that area.

but they’re telling me ‘somewhere near the MRT’.

thanks (from them)[/quote]

go to the Wego in the LinShen north road area, it has themed rooms and all the nastiness that comes with a ‘rest’ there.

Or if you head out of the city, to Tucheng or something similiar, there are some pretty damn nice love hotels at much cheaper prices. Even one with a golden sphinx head spouting out water into your own private pool (7000/night though).

I had thought something out of town/taipei would be cheaper. wego is way out of their price range.

I also think 1000-1500 is too cheap. It should be easier finding something around 2500, no?

First, if you don’t have Google Chrome, get it. Next, get the Google Translate Toolbar here:

Next, try these sites:

When the Google Translate Toolbar pops down from the top of the browser pane, tell it to go ahead and translate from the Chinese. These two sites are related - city-hotel is a group of cheaper, sometimes love-motel hotels in Taipei et al. ezhotel has city-hotels and some others in there too. Unless you’re fluent in reading the chickenscratch, or you’ve got a coworker to help, I suggest using the google tools above.

Since moving out to the Siberian wastelands of Taoyuan, I come into the city once every two weeks or so, and I’ve been trying various cheapie motels in the city. I recommend:

  1. Deja Vu hotel, which is about 30m North of Zhonghsiao-Fuxing on the West side, just past the big red Kao Chi/Tasty restaurant. Very clean again, bathroom good, quieter privater rooms (small). NT 2016 per night, stayed there last night. Breakfast acceptable and free. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  2. Hotel Vendome, which is on the 11th or 12th floor on top of the Starbucks next to California Fitness near Zhonghsiao Tun Hwa - very clean, very new, small room, very nice bathroom - occasional noise late at night from young punks coming back drunk - about NT$2000. So-called breakfast is crap though, don’t bother. :thumbsup:

Both of these are extremely close to the MRT and have a lot to do around there. They are not “themed” love motels but they are clean and convenient. I recommend against:

  1. Hope City Fuxing/Fushing (on Fuxing South, East side south of Ren Ai near Dong Feng), kind of rickety inside, weird air controls, bathroom huge but looked like it was out of a public pool - it was floor to ceiling glass enclosed making me think it was for ahhh observational purposes by a guy say on the bed in his skivvies with the lube prepped. Not that did that - also not saying I didn’t do that. Price was OK - about 1800 - and it looked OK from the outside, plus hot chicks worked the desk, but worn down and weird. Also, it’s a fair walking distance back up to Zhonghsiao, not as close as it seems. :thumbsdown:

  2. Eastern Star Hotel (next building to the east along Zhonghsiao from California fitness, floor 11 I think) - very very cold in there, old lady at the desk was nice, room cramped, low ceiling, bathroom tiny, internet only worked with a short cable, little tiny windows. Not horrible but not good. :thumbsdown:

I’ve been to an awesome themed love motel in Taichung that I could dig out if necessary, for a discounted NT 5400 we got a second floor open air private fountain-spout pool with some kind of sex basket/wicker chair device (never did figure out how it worked but nearly broke my spine trying), huge bedroom looked like it was out of a Greek drama, and a bathroom larger than my living room in the US, with a small TV in the marble-granite tub the size of a private garage.