Visiting Taiwan in July

Hi, everyone,

I purchased a ticket from Paris (I’m European) to Taipei to finally meet my girlfriend’s family and Taiwan itself. I’m aware authorities have been considering relaxing measures from July on.

Do you think it will be possible for foreigners to enter Taiwan in July? My flight is in the beginning of that month…

Thank you in advance.

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Do you have an A(P)RC (a Taiwan resident card)?

Do you have some other Taiwan visa in hand (student, work)?

If the answer is “no,” and “no,” you would not be currently able to enter Taiwan.

If the answer is “yes” to one of the two, it may be possible—but with quarantine measures that remain in place.

Will the regulations change by July? Your guess is as good as mine.

My intuition, however, is that it may be easier to meet this summer in Paris than in Taiwan.



Nobody knows for sure but I’m thinking best case scenario you will be forced to quarantine. Maybe 25% chance you’d be allowed in as a tourist. Just my guess.

None of us have crystal balls! Right now we have tens of thousands of cases a day. It is almost June.

“ Chen said the CECC had held discussions with the Ministry of Economic Affairs on the easing of border controls and will soon involve the tourism sector for related talks, with details likely to be announced in June.”

Personally speaking, I would suggest mid july as a better chance but the progress of Covid is uncertain. Travel during a pandemic is always going to be problematic. So aim for flexibility in your planning!

as @afterspivak states below, you need to check your visa status.

Things are changing all the time, albeit slowly, but I have a feeling Visa free entry will be one of the last things to open up. I mean tourist won’t want to come and spend half their holiday in quarantine.

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First I’ve heard this. At this point, I think it’s very unlikely Taiwan will open to tourists that soon. I think the best we can hope for is a gradual reopening similar to what Japan are doing and that they’ll open the country to students for the new academic year beginning in September. If you have the money and time, you could apply for a semester of Chinese classes and get a student visa that way. It’s just my guess, but I think that’s way more likely to happen than suddenly opening the doors to everyone.

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You should not be purchasing flights if you don’t have a valid visa or entry permissions.

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I agree. Tourists are unlikely to be a priority.

From today’s Taipei Times:


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A bit myopic. Maybe the desire to get some action clouded your sense to look at immigration rules.
At least, if you cancel the flight, you should get most of your cash back.



Nothing is sure about tourist travel to Taiwan but not looking promising in July.

That isn’t a country so… Depends on passport.

Just a suggestion but don’t buy plane tickets until you know you can use them.

A whole other topic.

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If you do end up being able to come… it’s going to be very hot.

It’s hot in Paris in summer.

Yeah September-October cooler and less likely to be quarantine.
Change your flight to later and enjoy the cool dry air of Paris, France.

I’ll take hot in paris to hot in Taiwan any day.

I been to Germany in the summer by the way. The hottest days there is like 30, tops, that’s like in the middle of August, and only from about 2pm to 6pm. Cools down massively after sundown (which is like 10pm by the way), actually about 3 hours before sundown it’s already pretty cool, and past sundown it gets COLD. And that’s only if it’s sunny. If it’s not sunny, get a jacket, you will need it.


Go for it.

Actually, it was my girlfriend who kind of pressured me to get the ticket so we can fly in the same flight—she lives in Paris. We thought it could be easier if we arrive at the same time. And yes, as for the refund, the company would only keep 40 euros. That’s why I did it, mostly. I might lose some money, but…

I’m Spaniard; I’m used to that.

You should get your girlfriend to refund you the €40. If she’s Taiwanese, she really should have known better.

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Better yet, ask her parents for reimbursement when you meet them. :wink: