Visiting Taiwan using UK passport

I’m visiting Taiwan next week and my buddy is coming along with me, I just want to make sure UK passport allows 14-day stay w/o prior visa arrangement.

In addition, is there anything he should have on hand that immigration official may ask? (amount of $$, return ticket, etc)

Return ticket (or outbound to another destination) is a must, dated before the visa expires.

Yeah, I know there are those who managed without but this is the official requirement and mine had to be amended when I arrived before they issued me a landing visa.

And with most countries your passport should be valid for at least another six months.

I’ve got in without a return ticket three times. I showed a credit card and signed a disclaimer, and they let me through. A bity of a hassle though.


I breezed through customs and baggage check with my Canadian passport back in February '03.

Just fill out one of those exit forms that they hand out on the plane before you touch down and it shouldn’t be a problem.

It would be good if you had an address/contact name for where you’ll be staying while in Taiwan, you can fill that out on the form as well.

It took the guy more time to refill his stapler(so that he could staple your exit paper onto your passport) than it took for me to get processed.

I did not have to show him my return ticket.

He did not ask me any questions.

They did not check anybody’s luggage, other that the poor sap who was by himself and only had a half empty backpack hehe. :smiley:

All-in-all it took me about one hour when i got off the plane, to when i got out of the airport. I spent a total of 55 mins waiting in the customs line(one line for foreigners!) and the baggage claim(China Airlines flight!!!).

Try doing that at YVR! They want to strip search you just to make sure you declared that chocolate bar you bought and paid your duty. :wink:

What is the rigmarole for the 30 day landing visa? I know you have to have two photos etc, but does anyone know if takes a really long time to process or anything? Also the fee: do you have to have some NT$s on you when you arrive?
(I have a UK passport and am arriving in Taiwan before may 1, when the visa-free entry will apparently be extended to 30 days.)

Link to the rules for visa-exempt and landing visa regulations.

The immigration/customs line is right beside the foreign currency exchange line at CKS1(probably same at CKS2?). I suggest you high tail it to that line cuz thats where people tend to spend the longest time. It’s a breeze if you have all your papers ready.

I believe it’s NT2000 to get a landing visa, you can credit or cash.

Yes you need two pics as well. I believe there is a photo booth around but isn’t it just easier to get your passport photos done at home?

Gener, my buddy is the UK citizen, not me, and he’ll only stay here for 7 days, so does he still need to have 2 passport size photos along with 2000 NT, or would they just let him in with passport stamp after showing the return ticket?


All your buddy has to do is to fill in the landing form that he gets on the plane and walk straight through immigration. No 2000 NT$, no passport pictures, and I’ve never been asked to produce my confirmed return ticket (I’m German and did several five-day trips to Taiwan before moving here), neither have any of my visitors. Let alone produce a credit card or any other proof of financial means.

However, the passport thing applies, I believe. I once overheard a foreigner who did have to pay the 2000 NT$ and produce the pictures for a landing visa even though he only meant to stay a couple of days and had a confirmed return ticket. His passport wasn’t valid long enough.


Thanks for the replies, Iris, of those who had to produce 2 pics with 2000 NT, were they the nationals of those listed under visa exempt countries? My buddy is prepared with credit card, some funds, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Now I can’t wait to come next week.

Vince: the 2000 NT$ and two pictures are needed when you want to apply for a landing visa, not when you enter under the visa exemption.

Countries eligible to the 14-day visa exemption are:

If citizens of these countries and a few more want to stay between 14 and 30 days, they can apply for a landing visa at the airport (the 2000 NT$ + 2 pictures thing + confirmed return ticket thing).

I know the whole thing is confusing, and different people answering in different ways don’t necessarily make it clearer. Just make sure to get the distinction between 14-day visa exemption and 30 day landing visa.

I never heard that anybody entering under the visa exemption (that is, going right through immigration without bothering with the visa office) has been asked to produce a confirmed ticket and/or funds (doesn’t mean immigration officers couldn’t theoretically do it). I know for sure, however, that if you apply for a landing visa, you have to produce a return flight confirmation (though airline personnel tends to be helpful and might even offer to give you fake confirmation :wink: ).


Got it, it’s not that confusing, BTW, of all the countries that are entitled to 14-day exempt, I wonder why Costa Rica is on the list, I used to live there and it’s such a pit, worse than some developing states in fact (though still better than its neighboring states), yet nationals of other industrialized states don’t get such privilege (ie: Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Monaco, Andorra, etc).

Dead right, but the airline will probably not want to let you on the plane without a visa or a return ticket.

The reason Costa Rica has visa exemption is that they are one of the few countries to recognise Taiwan.


f$%<, EVA Air cancelled my original intended flight and put the passengers into later flight, now my buddy will have to spend a night with my family while I’m still flying, I was looking forward to greet him upon his arrival. Anyone travelling in the next few weeks, I recommend you double check with your airline and make sure the flight is not cancelled.

Enjoy da trip vince. I too am planning to make it back to taiwan, probably after May to take advantage of the new 30-day exception :slight_smile: