Visitor Visa Basics - Help?

Hello all, first post here. I’m very much a newbie at this, so forgive anything silly I’m overlooking.

I have a question about obtaining a Visitor’s Visa to Taiwan. I was wondering how difficult the process is, and if there’s anything I should be sure of when filling out the application. The application I have I obtained here: … =165&mp=77

Also, I can’t seem to find where I should be sending this… an important step, to be sure…

Does the process take a long time? I’m going to guess yes, as with any government paperwork. The problem is, I leave for Taiwan on November 17. Very soon, I know, but I wasn’t aware of a bunch of the processes. I know I’ll be able to get into Taiwan for 30 days visa-free as a Canadian citizen but I’d rather be able to stay longer. Eventually I would like to find work teaching English in Taipei as well…

I’m in over my head. Any help I would greatly appreciate!

Well seeing as you dont mention where you are living it makes if difficult to advise you. We assume it’s in Canada from the link you gave.

Visa’s are relatively easy to get. Call the visa office in Canada and ask them, they are the one’s who process the visa’s and can tell you how long it takes.