Visitor visa help

Hi, if someone could help me out it would be great.
I have a question about my ability about getting a new 60 day visitor visa on a visa run.
My current visitor visa runs out on April 23rd.
I came to Taiwan in September, I stayed for one month of my 60 day visitor visa and then went to singapore for two months. After that I came back to Taiwan (in December) and stayed for another two months. I know you can only stay for a combined 180 days and right now I would be at about 150?

Hi Kimchi,
Welcome to forumosa. Where are you from? Visa stuff varies a bit depending on one’s nationality.
Your calculations are incorrect; when you leave the country, the counting goes back to zero. The 180-day rule is about a continuous stay in Taiwan. So, if you arrived here on a two-month visitor visa and were able to extend it a couple of times, you would eventually have to leave after 180 days.


Hi altmas_john, thanks!
I am american, sorry I suppose I could have given a better background.
That is awesome news, thank you for helping me out. I was worried!

I have what I think is a very similar question to the OP, but I’m not sure.

I’m an American. I got here in October on a 60-day multiple-entry visitor’s visa. About two weeks later, I got an ARC and have been living here ever since on the ARC.

I recently terminated my contract and will have to give back the ARC. At that time, I assume I’ll have to do a visa run to stay legal. If I go to HK, do I have to apply again if I want another 60-day visa? Or is my original 60-day visitor’s visa from October still valid or relevant somehow?

The visitor visa was probably canceled and replaced with a resident visa, wasn’t it? Does it have the word “cancelled” stamped across it?