Visitor Visa into JFRV Visa

Hi there!

I’ve met the love of my life and she is Taiwanese. I know the process of getting a marriage in Taiwan. Is there a waiting period to get a married in Taiwan?

My question is how do I turn my visitor visa into a JFRV Visa? If I can’t get my (JFRV) visa before my visitor visa expires, then do I have to leave the country? Or is it the case where as long as I have filed for my ARC before my visitor visa expires, then I’m okay?

Any help would be appreciated? Thanks. I’m not here for marriage advice. I just want to know how the process works. Thanks again!

I can only answer one of your questions.


Any help would be appreciated?[/quote]

Yes. Yes, it would.

I made a typo. Can anyone help me? What documents would I need?

There are a lot of documents you need from your home country, as well as from Taiwan. Examples include, criminal records both here and at home, a certificate from home stating you are not married to anyone else. All these need to be signed, and stamped by the relevant TECO and various gov departments, translated by a certified translator, etc.

You and the love of your life need to do your homework.