Visitor visa question: 60 or 90 days, which is it?

My Taiwan visitor visa (multiple entry) says that I have 60 Days duration of stay. However, the stamp that I got from the immigration officer (upon last re-entry) says:

“VISITOR Permitted to remain for ninety days from date of entry as shown below (June 16, 2006).” <-- Does this have anything to do with my US citizenship?

Would anyone happen to know which would be the correct duration of stay – 60 or 90 days??


It sounds as if the immigration official used the wrong stamp. If I were you I would assume that it is 60 days until reliably informed otherwise. It is already nearly 60 days since your date of entry, so I suggest you visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs

Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Address:Floor 3-5, No. 2-2, Section 1, Jinan Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taibei
It is off Zhongshan South Road near the Legislative Yuan. Nearest MRT stations are Taiwan University Hospital and Taipei Main Station.
Tel: (02) 2343 2888
Web site:

Since visas are issued by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, I think you should go to them rather than the police.

Please tell us what happens.

Thanks for the quick reply Juba… and for the info! I’ll keep this thread posted. In that case, I guess I should explain a bit more:

They’ve been stamping “90 days” since March of last year… same visa.

That’s what I’ve been doing… I guess I should say that I never bothered to ask about this since I was out of the country quite often… and therefore never had to do “visa runs.”

I’ll check in with BOCA tomorow… and post back. Thx again.