Visitor visa suitable for 6 months studying Mandarin?

Hello, in September I’m going to study at the NTNU MTC for two terms. The period from the registration day (25/8/2011) through the last day of class (24/2/2012) is slightly longer than 180 days (ca 186 days) so I was wondering how to deal with that. After reading numerous threads on this forum and other online sources I got an idea but I’d like to make sure that I got it right.

I should obtain the visitor visa which can be renewed couple of times (2 or 3 times) to a total length of 180 days. However, after the 4th month I’ll be eligible to get the resident visa that would allow me to stay in Taiwan for the whole time required by the MTC.
And the other way is to make the ‘visa run’ at some point before the visitor visa expiration date.
Even though both of the afore mentioned ways require only the single entry visa I could apply for the multiple entry just in case, right?

Can someone please confirm whether I’m right or wrong or propose a completely other solution? Thank you!

[/quote]However, after the 4th month I’ll be eligible to get the resident visa that would allow me to stay in Taiwan for the whole time required by the MTC.[/quote]
Not sure how your school handles that, but in some (all?) places you would have to sign up and pay for a third term to get the documents for the resident visa.

There is no need to do that (would be a waste of money): as you said yourself, your visa can be extended while you are in the country, while leaving and coming back does not extend its validity beyond the 180 day limit (there is nothing you can do to get an extension beyond that limit). If 6 months is all you want to study, you would leave a few days early at the end…
In any case it is a good idea to have a multiple entry visa (“just in case”, “you never know”, etc.).
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You will not be able to get a resident visa without pre-paying the tuition at Shida for the 3rd quarter (which is non-refundable if for visa purposes, unless your visa application is refused).

So, have you ever been to the Philippines, Hong Kong or Malaysia? Always wanted to go? That’s a perfect opportunity. :slight_smile:

Or just plan to leave a few days earlier.

You could also try to convince the TECO to give you a resident visa from the beginning, which they should do if the whole system were rational. But don’t count on it.

Thank you guys! :bravo: So technically speaking as a EU resident I could spend 9 months in Taiwan: 6 thanks to the visitor visa and other 3 after a short trip to Hong Kong let’s say?
In case the circumstances wouldn’t allow me to leave these few days earlier and I’d have to stay till the end of term, I’ve heard somewhere it is possible to ask MOFA to extend the validity of a visa for the 3rd time for one week or so. Is this information correct?