Visitor Visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Taiwan

I need help about this visa. Lets say im Taiwan citizen an i want to come on holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Where i can get that visa? Did any memeber of this forum, travel in Bosnia? I need all help you can give me.

Perhaps I might be of some assistance:

your best bet is to contact Bosnian embassy in the PROC:

1-5-1 Ta Yuan, Diplomatic Office Building, 100600 Bejing, China

they should be responsible for Taiwanese since I don’t believe Bosnia recognizes Taiwan. I can help you if you have any trouble communicating with them.

here is official website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

I would expect that they move very slowly with bunch of red tape and don’t be surprised if the clerk doesn’t seem to be knowledgeable on the requirements for Taiwanese passports holder.