Visitor visa

I need to leave Taiwan to get a tourist visa that I can extend. I have been here 4 years on an arc but will not be working in September since I will be attending school fulltime. Problem is i see that a tourist visa requires a ticket leaving Taiwan, and I wont be seeing that im living here and dont have plans to go home in the next 9 months or so. Anyone know what the regulations are on this?

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Go to a travel agent that deals with foreigners and ask to ‘borrow’ a ticket.

Should cost around 500NT.
You’ll need the ticket to show you’re leaving within 2 months.
Make sure it isn’t cancelled until you get back to Taiwan.

That happened to my friend once. At the airport (china air if I remember correctly) did a check and said he wasn’t on the flight as the travel agent cancelled it the day he was coming back.

He only managed to convince them by showing his visa cards and telling them he will buy a ticket should the need arise on arrival.

When I applied for my original tourist visa, I had to provide the TECO office with a copy of my itinerary from the travel agent. They didn’t ask to see a ticket or ticket receipt. I wouldn’t doubt that some may ask, though.

But when you fly to Taiwan on a tourist visa, from wherever you are embarking, you will absolutely need a return or onward ticket or the airline won’t board you, unless the employee misses it.