Visitors (student) visa ends two days before end of semester


I have a visitors visa, since I’m studying at Shida MTC, which will require me to leave two days before the end of the winter term. I have not renewed the visa yet, but I don’t think they will renew it (for sixty days) unless I’m also enrolled for the spring term (correct me if I’m wrong).

I recall reading online somewhere, but cannot find now, that it is possible to get a short extension of a visa for situations like this. I was wondering if anyone had experience, information, etc. If I can’t extend it a full sixty days, it would be nice to have another week to give me time to finish the term and have a few buffer days, somewhere in which I will pre-book reasonable airfare.

Thanks in advance for any info!

Why don’t you just try? Take your passport, and documentation from the Uni showing the end of classes, and go to the NIA?

I talked to the girls in the office about this and they say it’s no biggie. Just take all the school paperwork to the NIA towards the end of january and they’ll renew it for you. All the students coming only for one term have the same problem as you so the people at NIA should already be familiar with this situation. If in doubt go and ask Jenny(not sure if thats really her name, you know, she’s the one who did the introduction at the beginning of this term) at the office in 601, she can tell you what to do.

Hi, I’m in a similar situation as timmy_tofu is: I’m enrolled in the winter term that ends on 2/24 and I have already bought ticket for 3/3. My Visitor Visa, however, expires on 20/2. At the NIA I’ve been told that there is absolutely no way to extend the visa. I talked to Jenny today and she confirmed the visa can’t be extended so I have two options now: either overstay 15 days (pay 4.000 NT and get the stamp into my passport) or to make a round trip to Hong Kong or Macao. I’m not really excited about none of these options, don’t you know if there is another way around?

Thank you! :thumbsup:

That’s really weird. I’ve been told by both, Jenny and the lady at NIA, that I could renew the visa without problems in january. I guess I’ll have to make a another trip to the office now…

Have you been to the office yet? What did they tell you?