Visitors visa Question

I’m currently living in Korea and need to leave the country within the next few days, could anybody enlighten me as to how long it will take to obtain the 60 day visistors visa at the Taipei Mission here in Seoul. Thanks.

Seeing as your in Korea why don’t you call them and ask them yourself

I would if I could but the office is closed for the weekend and I need to book my flight tomorrow.

Not sure about Korea but it now takes 3 working days to get one in Canada. I would guess around the same. But you can pay extra and get a rush service i’m sure.

Thank you kindly, I’m in a tight spot at the moment and I need to leave Korea ASAP. At least I know now I can get the flight organised tomorrow and be in Taiwan next week. Thanks again.

What is your nationality? Many nationalities are entitled to visa-free entry to Taiwan, so all you need to do is hop on a plane and you can stay here for 30 days. You might be asked to show an onward plane ticket when you check in, though.

I’m a British citizen and will be looking for a teaching position in Taipei next week, that’s why I need the 60 visitors visa. I have to leave quickly due to the unpleasant treatment from my boss here in Korea. Thanks for the advice.

I hear about a lot of “unpleasant” treatment from Korean bosses.

Do enlighten us if you can about the ills of working for a Korean Boss.

I’m sure it will be a popular thread.

Welcome to taiwan.