Visting Taiwan for interview?

Currently my husband is trying to get an english teaching job.
(Native English speaker)
I wonder if going to Taiwan for 2-3 days just for having interviews
and trying to find job makes sense. ( we are currently at South Korea)
Also I would like to know if we can just call up the bushibans or schools
for asking for interviews.
Honeslty I have no idea how things work.
I heard a lot of people say that singing contract just through email
without knowing institiues or people is not a good idea…
If you have some experiences or tips, that would be very helpful.

Thank you.


I was in Taiwan in January for a few days. Small town named Puli. A friend who spoke Mandarin was with me so that helped but only a bit. What I did was to find a taxi driver who spoke English and negotiated a price for the day. He took me around to all the schools in the area and I just walked in and aked for an interview. This includes bushibans, universities and private boarding schools. Places that teach English are all over the place. I was dressed well in a sport coat, shirt and tie and that probably helped. Didn’t get a job offer but got some great leads. Had I elected to stay, I’m sure something would have turned up.

Now, if I can do this way out in the sticks, I’m sure it would be a piece of cake in a city of any size. I say go for it as you have nothing to lose. You will surely meet other Americans as did I and get lots of inside info. Make sure you have lots of copies of your resume and have one laminated in plastic. The humid weather is hard on papers. I had copies of my BS diploma but, had I been offered a job, I would have had to produce the original.

Hope this helps.