Visual Effects Industry Taiwan

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know about the VFX industry for film in Taiwan?
I work in the film industry in post-production, I’m a dual citizen of America and Canada. Currently working in Canada for a Netflix show. I’ve been to Taiwan once and Taiwan really made a great impression on me, and I’d like to work and live there and really get immersed in the culture for a year or so.

If you know anything about salary (in my profession or similar), work/life balance, work permits, work contract lengths and culture… could you either send me a private message or just post it on this topic thread. I’d be interested hearing your thoughts!

Sure… this is one example of their work:

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Lol. Funny.

While I have zero experience working in Taiwan, but I love to know more about Netflix. Love movies but what is it like working in Netflix. Attempting to get into their software dev department. Since they exclusively hire senior developers, was always ignored. Applied 3 years ago though.

Even if you don’t have that experience, still curious on the whole Visual effect experience.

Also, doesn’t Netflix make Taiwanese movies?

Netflix, at least to my knowledge doesn’t do their post-production… however it is possible they may have their own in-house VFX team. What I do know is that majority of their work is given to outside vendors (i.e. visual effects studios). I think I’ve only worked on two Netflix shows one being Lost in Space Season 2 and Murder Mystery. I’m not sure if Netflix makes Taiwanese movies… it’s entirely possible though.

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