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Oh dear. The infamy.

Close enough. Same style. Different country.




which empire, the communist one? Yes.

No wonder so many Cubans want to get to it.

Good idea. Let’s start with Cuba first.

in power since 1959. That would make him a true exemplar of democracy. CLABA TRYDY!!!

Hmm, they don’t get Forbes in Cuba, do they? Too bad. Amazing how ONE man can hold a whole populace, for so long!

What about the Lee dynasty in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew ruled Singapore since 1965, and continues on as Senior Minister. His son is now leading the country. Goh Chok Tong was just a caretaker, albeit a very well paid one.
Second son Lee Hsien Yang is chief executive of Singtel, the country’s biggest phone company, and Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching, is executive director of Temasek Holdings, the powerful and secretive holding company of Singapore Inc - manager of the government’s stake in the country’s biggest businesses, including Singapore Airlines, Singtel and DBS Bank.

Lee Kuan Yew died of heart failure on the same day his son died of lymphoma.
They arrived at the Pearly Gates together where St Peter was busy processing a queue longer than the jam at the Causeway.
When at last, it came to their turn, the Lees, unaccustomed to waiting for anything in their earthly lives, testily demanded entrance to Heaven: “We ruled Singapore efficiently for many decades, from father to son, except for a brief period when we let Goh take nominal charge to make it seem like there wasn’t any nepotism,” said the duo.
“I can see that,” replied St Peter, peering at his records with the myopia of most Singaporeans, “But I’m afraid that is not enough. It is not whether you exercise power but how you exercise power. You see, God is a democrat and so I cannot let you in.”
The Lees protested, “We may be dictators but we’ve never caused anybody to die. Surely we qualify for Heaven?” St Peter peered at his records again and said gently, “I’m sorry. You two caused the death of Loong’s first wife. According to my records, she committed suicide because she couldn’t face you two for giving birth to an albino. If you had not believed so strongly in inherited qualities, she wouldn’t have died. You see, qualities are not inherited but God-given. So I can’t let you two in.”
“But we don’t want to go to Hell to suffer for all Eternity,” cried the hapless Father and Son.
“Oh, no. It isn’t like that at all. There’s no fire and brimstone. That’s just propaganda like your Straits Times constant propaganda against all that you two deem bad. You two will enjoy Hell because you see, there’s no difference between Heaven and Hell. Heaven is simply a place where the good are comfortable and feel happy while Hell is simply where the bad feel at home. And when you think about it, isn’t it a greater damnation for the bad to feel at home in Hell, far more damning than fire and brimstone?” said St Peter.
And so the Lees went to Hell, where they met most of their families, friends and associates, and lived happily ever after … peter.html


We are ranting about my favorite kicking dog CASTRO!!! Get with the program!!! Or I will have to send you to monitor German “charity” workers at Thai orphanages.

We a re talking about 2 entire different breed of leaders.
I don’t hear too much about Singaporian seeking political asylium.
The Lee are a whole family, Castro is one man.
Plus, they don’t have the best cigars in the world! Ok, that has nothing to do with the price of eggs, just felt like putting it in. :smiley:


I don’t hear too much about Singaporian seeking political asylium.[/quote]

Can’t you just smell the tension in this picture?

Thank you for mentioning our website.

For the last two years, Escape from Paradise, has been Amazon’s #1 best seller in Singapore, with a confirming review from Singapore’s former President (living in exile in Canada).

The book’s website is at

Thank you for mentioning us. I am the author of Escape from Paradise, a book about a Singaporean. It was extremely popular in Singapore with the 25 copies in the Singapore National Library always checked out.

Kinokuniya, Singapore’s largest bookstore was threatened with a lawsuit if they continued to sell the book by Helen Yeo, a lawyer, and the wife of Yeo Cheow Tong, a Singapore Cabinet Minister. She also threatened to sue me, but never did.

Escape from Paradise was then removed from Singapore’s National Library, and all sales were halted in Singapore. Once Helen Yeo had attacked us, we exposed what she had done on our website at

Singapore is extremely corrupt, and ruled by one man, Lee Kuan Yu, and his family. Escape from Paradise exposes some of that corruption. I held back a bit in the book on the details involving Helen Yeo, but our website pulls no punches.

It is time to bring revolution to Singapore.

You should give a buzz to Castro :smiley:
Chewycorns, now you’ve done it!
fred? why nobody wants to take a shot at Castro? :laughing:

I am outraged that Chewy of all people is shanghaiing my let’s beat up Communist Surbanites Heroes of the People. I was getting ready to wax all eloquent in a long Castro-inspired tirade for hours and hours and hours and what does Chewy do but change the subject to Singapore. Now, why the hell would I want to criticize a man that the US does business with all the time and has been noticeably quiet about preaching to? noticeably uncritical about promoting democracy? Where’s the bang for the buck in this if there are no leftwing shibboleths to rip down? Ahem. I digress…

Now, cue Fred with raised fist:

Here after all is the man that many leftwing mentally challenged Californians for example hail as a hero. They speak in gushing tones about how while Cuba may be poor (and now we know why don’t we!) its proudly defiant people remain strong in the struggle to prevent tacky suburban conveniences like Jiffy Lube and Starbuck’s and all the souless consumerism that plague American suburbs from entering. The Cubans YOU SEE are real people with real lives not commercialized packaged lives like they live in their American suburbs.

We are also reminded with great condescension that while Cuba may be poor, it has a better health-care system than America’s gosh darn it so that George Bush can just say whatever he wants but when there are uninsured Americans in America, why we are no better than Cuba and in many ways Cuba under Castro is BETTER than us! Also, Castro has done so much for literacy. Cubans can read in much greater percentages right now like the official government statistics that no one else has verified telling them that literacy rates have risen and what else do they have to read with their newfound literacy since the nation is severely controlled with news censored?

Viva la revoluccion. Too bad Castro is getting older. Otherwise, no doubt we would hear about how muscular, brave, popular, charming, polite, sexy etc. he is and how we therefore have to “understand” that there are two sides to this man. I would like to give two sides to this man. First with the FRONT of the hand and then ONE with the back of the hand.

Mr. Smith -
Once again:

You just don’t get it

You are just trying to cause trouble


You cannot understand the masses

You be descriminatin’ against the (insert oppresed minority of current fashionable choice)

et al, ad infinitum, regurgatatum est

added edit:
workers paradise, free health care, free education, etc…

The continued existence of the wages system has meant the need for measures to impose labour discipline. The Cuban state only recognises one trade union federation, Central de Trabajadores Cubanos (CTC). This consists of unions entirely dominated by the ruling Communist Party, wherein officers are vetted (not just by their present affiliations, but on a documentary of their entire lives going back to their school records) before they are allowed to take up posts. Whilst independent trade unions are not entirely illegal, their existence is subject to repressive controls and harassment, beginning with the Associations Act (Leyes de Asociaciones) and escalating to the generally repressive political order laws. (Source:

Sounds more like worker’s hell. No wonder Teacher’s Unions in the US and Canada are pro-Cuba. :smiling_imp:

Chewycorns -

Quite so old bean, quite so. And so do the spawn of their classroom to a large extent. But that is changing more so everyday. :slight_smile:

My European friend just returned from Cuba and took some pictures. I thought I would post them on Forumosa for Mother Theresa since they all describe him in some sort of way. After all, MT could be judged as being:

  1. just another face in the crowd
  2. a supporter of banana republics
  3. anti-American
  4. a lover of rural life (Humboldt County fan, right?)
  5. an admirer of Che
  6. a proponent of low wages

Enjoy :smiling_imp: :wink: