Vloggers in Taiwan - Where did you start?


I’ve started making a few videos for my blog, so I can start Vlogging, but they aren’t quite the 1st person commentary that most people do. Other Vloggers in Taiwan, how and where did you start your Vlogging experience? I would like to maybe collaborate with other Vloggers in Taiwan if possible!

Here are some videos I just made. I’m new at this and am using a free program, so don’t roast me please. Constructive criticism openly accepted.


You gotta start somewhere. Look around Youtube for inspiration. Whether it would be ways to edit or their style of vlogging. Sometimes, software has its limitations, but once you get a direction or theme for your videos, you’ll know whether you need the software or not.

I’m not a Youtuber, so I don’t really have an audience or following to have to explain what’s going on. So, I personally do not like narrating or just sitting in front of the camera explaining the image. I like to let the video narrate itself.

Here’s one I made a few days ago if you want to get some ideas.

I think this is one of my better edits I made a month ago.

I like to use pictures to change up the pace of the video and if your camera has a time lapse function, that’s also a good way to change things up.

@Raintoons could also chime in here.


personally i wont watch anything without some information / talking in it. watching footage over cheesey music does zero for me, and most vlogs are like this. its sickening at this point.


Your video looks good, but I would also add some clips of you talking about the experience to make it more personal, or at least a voiceover.

I started making VLOGS since I think that Taiwan has a lot of unique points to share with people abroad. I think even small everyday events can be made interesting as long as you have an eye for storytelling.

This is my latest one:

Keep em comming!


Ehh you know, this vlog doesn’t work for me, doesn’t get the juices flowing. I take it you are in your mid 20s yes? What’s with the cutie pie girl, (girlfriend?) who comes off as 12-14 years old? And you the man sitting on the back of a scooter as well, ow!


No worries, I know the style is not for everyone :slight_smile: . Thanks for watching!


Just once I would like to see one of you vloggers do something that entertains me. Get drunk, screw a 35 year old voluptuous Taiwanese cougar against the wall outside the 7 11 at Ximending, then go to Barcode, Room 18 or one of those clubs, take copious amounts of drugs, screw another women in the toilet, then go outside and reflect on the absurdity of Taiwanese society and culture. Now that is a vlog I will watch daily!


That escalated quickly.


Haha! :slight_smile:


Jeese, I was just looking for some constructive feedback and then this happened XD


LOL. yea, don’t do that, unless you want to be the wrong kind of famous in taiwan. i think that guy david bond does that sort of thing. gross.

sharing stories(possibly of crazy stuff like that) is pretty good though. thats the sort of thing i would watch. not some fucking airheads doing typical tourist crap over whistle music. WHISTLE MUSIC.



Which company took you on the elephant rock kayak activity?

And how much did you pay?

Could you please post a link to their website if you have it?



Why ask someone to vlog that when you can go out and experience it in first person? Don’t let the barriers of the internet stop you from livin’ it up in real life.


My girlfriend knows. I need to get the information and make a blog post about it! I’ll let you know when I do!


Cool man, something I’d love to try this summer!


Great vlog, Jonas! My girlfriend loved the video where you had to guess each other favorite things :smiley: