VMware Fusion problem - usb port problem

I’m trying out VMware fusion on my macbook, and things work well except for the usb ports. I’m trying to connect the office photocopier, but whenever I plug it into the usb port it starts connecting and disconnecting again and again. I’ve also noticed that a number of the little icons at the bottom right of the windows screen are alternating between blue and gray, indicating that they are connecting and disconnecting all by themselves. As far as I can tell I have installed all the right drivers and software for the copier, but I’ll be the first to admit I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. Anyone have any advice?

I’ve been running VMware Fusion for a month or two now and very pleased with it. I’ll try and help you as much as I can bubbles.

Have you tried reinstalling VMware Tools? This is the software that helps sync your Mac and PC devices.

Or you could just disable the automatic detection of the USB port:

Virtual Machine > Settings > USB > Automatically connect USB devices

I assume the problem is that you want to print a document from your VM (XP or Vista?). So if you disconnect the USB connection that printer isn’t available on your VM, but it still should be available on your Macbook. If that’s the case you can just drag the file and print from your Macbook.

Thanks, Rocky, I’ve tried your suggestions already. The copier is not compatible with mac, even with the gutenprint drivers, and both my imac and macbook refuse to recognize it. However, when I boot into XP using bootcamp everything works just fine, and I can connect and print without any trouble. The problem comes when I try to use virtualization software such as Fusion. Then it gets all haywire, with this crazy non-stop connecting and disconnecting. It’s frustrating, because I don’t want to have to boot into windows just to print documents.

I suppose it could be a bad cable, but I’ve already tried two different ones, so that shouldn’t be it.

Just plain weird.

I use Fusion and while I haven’t experienced the issue you mention, I have had cause to email the VMWare team about a different problem I was having. I found their support to be fast and they resolved the problem quickly. Give them a try - you might be pleasantly surprised.

What OS are your running through VMware Taffy? I’ve got my iMac at work running OS 10 and XP. When I first started messing around with it, I transferred my entire HP laptop into a disk image and then uploaded it to VMware. I used this VM Converter tool for that which was really useful.

One thing that I forgot to do was shrink my system (cleaning out everything before transferring). Originally it was 67 GB which took around 10 hours to copy over. Then after I realized that I needed to shrink it down, it ended up only being like 27 GB.

The great thing is that I can take my work VM anywhere and upload it at home. Not that I’d really want to but it’s a cool option to have nonetheless.

On the work iMac, I have Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.10 as virtual machines - mainly for use as a testing environment (and XP for the odd document which turns out buggy in OS X). I’d say I use XP for an hour or two a week, tops - the Ubuntu VM even less. I’ve been Macified for some time now, so I don’t like leaving my OS comfort zone…